The Black Light

The Black Light

Ali is drop dead. I stared hard with dilated pupils, watching at the blip from the thirteenth floor of Oren Plaza. The view was quite blotched by his blood; for the perimeters of the body were no more rational.

He was a good friend. I gave him a heads up only a week back. Something was certainly wrong with him. When Ali introduced his new girlfriend, I could sense it very strongly. Jia, he said. Had I thought out loud when Ali introduced Jia, you’d call me a pervert. There are some pieces of the puzzle I could not put together. Since when did Middle class men start affording Ferrari? She returned from Chicago the day I met her. It wasn’t all planned though. We all just happened to be at the same place, our Office Cafeteria. She was with Ali, and by the looks of it, it didn’t seem to me as a pleasant conversation between the two.

Just about two hours ago Ali called me to his house, and here I am standing on the 13th floor balcony lost in awe as Ali says ‘Navy Pier Lights Black tomorrow. It’s too late for me’, plunges into air, leaving me with a dreaded face. His tone on the telephone, when he called me to his house, had a certain quiver that I could literally feel the shrill it held. What code is that? How the hell am I supposed to understand? Does it even mean anything, or is it true what my colleagues have been saying about Ali these days?

Soon after dialing 100, I heard a phone beep somewhere. I looked around to find Ali’s phone kept right next to Jim Beam and scattered ‘SnowWhite’. The message was from Jia. It read, “Run. Police on d way 2 arrest u 4 Ali’s murder”.

I slid the phone in my pocket, palpitating. I wish Ali had told me why he had called me. There were no second thoughts on my mind, I obliged. As I ran down by the stairway, I couldn’t help but think where to go and what to do? By the second I reached the exit, they were there. And right behind them stood Jia, embraced in the arms of a dark man, deeply consoling her. She went berserk upon seeing me, screaming to her top, ’It’s him. Arrest this maniac! He killed my husband!’ My nerves jolted a sudden pulse of shock, running up my spine. I resisted my arrest, but no one would listen. I saw rage in the eyes of the onlookers. Jia’s eyes told a different story. It was a conspiracy, and I became the bait.

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